NEXT BOOKING, May 29th/30th Newark Eagles- Newark, OH 9pm
"...Thank you again for such an amazing performance. You and the band are so talented and really provided such great entertainment for the evening. We received many compliments from the guests. I think you turned some of the guests into rock 'n' roll fans! I hope we can work together again in the future". Dr Shannon Chauvez

... just a few Big Old Fat Fellows...(as well as various other acronyms)

     who grew up listening to the best music ever written. We try to recreate those sounds as close to the record (yes I said record) as possible. Unlike the lucky kids today who can simply type in what they need and get instant sound, lyrics and chords, we learned these the old fashioned way; listen, move the needle and repeat. We experienced this music and it shows when we play it. Our hope is that you will find yourself dancing and singing along to every song, and go home feeling good at the end of the night!

Introducing the members of The BOFF Brothers Band......

......Ken  Appleman...Bass/Vocals....

      Ken is the youngest at heart of all of us. He is one of the most active and fun bass players you will ever see on stage. If (when) a song is ever messed up, it is usually because of something Ken said while playing. His fun, energetic playing style is contagious and you will be laughing with us as you are enjoying some great music. Ken also lends his voice to be one of 4 lead singers in this group and when not playing music he is very active in harness racing.....

......Mike Abrams ...Drums/Vocals 

Mike simply enjoys playing drums and having the rare opportunity to play with his son. He has lived locally for 10 years now but is originally from Newark, Ohio (Central Ohio).He has just recently gotten back into the music scene and played with a local band called GenX in 2013. He took about 20 years off from playing music but did record 3 country gospel CD's during his "down-time".  He also enjoys dirt racing, golf and convertible rides when not behind the drums.

......Galen  Cummings...Lead Guitar/Lead and backing Vocals....      

Galen is a guitar player who wants to mimic what the original artist did on the original album and it really shows in the live environment. Galen's ability to recreate the sounds of the past make him one of Ohio's premier pickers. You will find yourself asking "How does he get that sound from a guitar??. He has a unique voice that really shines when singing ZZ Top and Aerosmith, and he also has a knack for reproducing the exact tones from the original music; which basically comes from his equipment being as old as he is! Really, just ask him, but make sure his hearing aid is turned up!! You will usually find Galen on the golf course when not strapped to a guitar!  

......Michael Abrams  ... Lead Guitar and Vocals

     Michael is the youngest member of the band and generally plays on our southern dates. Michael has been playing guitar for 10 years, starting when he was 12 with his first lesson on the Fender Strat his dad gave him which he is still playing today. It is a rare combo to see a father and son in the same band and Mike (Sr.) is proud to share the same stage with his son. Michael is currently a full time student at NKU and was previously in the Navy in the Special Warfare Unit. He hates to sing, but we make him do it anyway and he does a great job for us. When not playing music you will usually find him with his nose in a book...homework! Never ending homework! He also runs in races like the Warrior Dash and The Spartan Death Race when he is not doing something musical.

......Rich Halsey ... Lead Guitar & Vocals

Rich and Ken have played music together for over 30 years! Rich is a musician who is referred to as a utility player in the music business. What that means is he can fill in on just about any instrument and do it well. His guitar playing and his lead licks will leave you begging for more as he can run with the big dogs. If you need some help with a website, this is your man and what Rich does in his spare time besides watching the Buckeyes! GO BUCKS!!


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